44GN057 are chemically cured, water reducible, two-component, epoxy-polyamine primer intended for corrosion protection of metal parts in areas exposed to solvents and hydraulic fluids. Component B contains the epoxy resin. Component A is a pigmented polyamine, which acts as a hardener or curing agent for Component B. The cured primers are resistant to immersion in water, jet fuels, lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids.

Specifically designed for brushing and touch up applications.
Unit of Measure

Typical Characteristics (Before Reduction)


N/A BAC 452 Green

Mix Ratio by Volume

N/A 2 parts base to 1 part catalyst

Approximate Reduction with Distilled or Deionized Water by Volume

N/A 3.75 Parts

Induction Time

N/A No induction time necessary

Recommended Dry Film Thickness

N/A 0.5 to 0.7 mil

Initial Mixed Viscosity (# 2 Zahn)

N/A 20 ± 2 seconds

Mixed Theoretical Weight (± 0.2 Second (sec))

N/A 11.4 lb/gal

Mixed Theoretical Percentage (%) Solids by Weight

N/A 75.3 %

Mixed Theoretical Percentage (%) Solids by Volume

N/A 61.4 %

Theoretical Coverage at 1 Mil Dry Film Thickness

N/A 984 ft²

Pot Life at 77 Degree Celsius (ºC) ± 5 Degree Fahrenheit (ºF) Temperature

N/A 4 H

Maximum Coatings Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Volume

N/A 340 g/L2.8 lb/gal

Note for Typical Characteristics

N/A Characteristics are calculated based on product formula and raw material characteristics reported by suppliers. Values are thought to be representative, but they are not to be treated as specifications.


Shelf Life

N/A 9 months from DOM when stored at 40 ºC-100 ºF in original, unopened containers away from direct sunlight
Application Recommendations1 N/A 44GN057 is designed to be applied by brush.

Note for Application Recommendations

N/A Additional set up or equipment may be required.

Clean Up

N/A While still liquid, flush with water. Use IS-248 Cleaning Solvent for Water Reducible Primers to remove residual primer from parts and equipment.

Health, Safety, Storage and Handling

N/A Refer to the MSDS for each component.

Dry Time

Maximum Dust Free Dry Time

N/A 15 min

Maximum Tack Free Dry Time

N/A 2 hour

Maximum Dry Through Dry Time

N/A 4 hour

Note for Dry Times

N/A Dry Times at 75º ± 5 ºF, 0.5 to 0.7 mils dry

May be forced dried for "dry to stack" conditions. Contact Deft Tech Support for more information
  • 1 Additional set up or equipment may be required.